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July 22 2012


Air tickets

Booking air tickets is like a skill. A day too late and you have to pay hundreds more than you have to. It requires lots of sleuthing and finesse to get the right flight in the right fares and at the time when you wish to visit. You have to start looking at least 21 days before going to get a number of choices in flights and fares. Be on the lookout because the cheap seats are the first to visit. Try staying over Saturday night or travel midweek. Search for the flight rates on your regular flying airline and compare it to those on the websites like Travelocity.com, Priceline.com, and Expedia.com. Also take a look at sites. Many websites offer low internet fares.

It is better to fly via a secondary airport like the Oc and Burbank are good alternatives to LAX or Newark International can be a substitute for the busy JFK and LaGuardia airports. There could be just a little drive but you may be surprised at the easy use and cheaper prices of smaller airports. Always request a seat preference whenever you purchase your ticket otherwise you may be tied to a middle seat if you wait till check-in. Many websites have detailed maps from the seating arrangement using the best and worst seats to help you avoid the ones that do not recline and choose those which have extra legroom.

While booking air tickets for infants, keep your entire flight and also the luggage you're carrying in mind. In a domestic flight, you can carry a child on your lap if they're under 24 months old however, you need to buy a ticket if you travel by a global flight. They provide special meals which are low in calories or high-fiber, low-protein, low-sodium as well as vegan. These meals mostly taste much better than regular food. While booking air tickets, get them to refundable, transferable or changeable before you purchase them.
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